1947-1948 Crosley Convertible & Wagon

The 1947-1948 Crosley Convertible & Wagon was the first of the postwar Crosleys, still on an 80-inch wheelbase but more than two feet longer and looking more "grownup" with new flush-fender styling. Production commenced June 1946, but cars built that year -- convertibles and sedans only -- were technically '47s.

Crosley Convertible
1947 Crosley convertible. See more pictures of classic convertible cars.

A new-design woody wagon, pickup, and panel delivery went on sale during 1947. Big news was a new water-cooled engine with twice the cylinders and double the power of the prewar twin -- the five-main-bearing copper-brazed "CoBra" four used in wartime machines from refrigerators to Mooney Mite airplanes. Alas, its copper-steel block was prone to chemical corrosion that necessitated early rebuilds (most before 60,000 miles), so a near-identical CIBA unit (Cast-Iron Block Assembly) was substituted in early 1949, though many 1947-1948 cars have this retrofitted.

The initial divided mesh grille was replaced at mid-1948 by dual bright horizontal bars below a chrome "spinner." The design was still pretty basic, but sales were better than ever. In fact, Crosley scored record one-year production in 1948 -- some 10 times better than its prewar best. From then on, though, it was all downhill. The convertible is singled out here for the obvious reasons, the wagon for its utility and "cheeky" air.

Pluses of the 1947-1948 Crosley Convertible & Wagon:
  • More "adult" than prewar models
  • Better performance (now only marginal)
  • Thrifty
  • Wagon's utility
  • Convertible's sportiness and scarcity
  • Club support
Minuses of the 1947-1948 Crosley Convertible & Wagon:
  • Troublesome CoBra engine (where CIBA not installed)
  • Top-heavy, thus tippy in corners
  • Where to find parts?
  • Limited value appreciation now
Production of the 1947-1948 Crosley Convertible & Wagon:
1947 convertible: 4,017
1947 2-door wagon: 1,249
1948 convertible: 2,485
1948 2-door wagon: 23,489
(Calendar year; 1947 includes 12 1946 convertibles)

Specifications of the 1947-1948 Crosley Convertible & Wagon:
Wheelbase, inches: 80.0

Length, inches: 145.0
Weight, pounds: 1150-1305
Price, new: $899-949 (U.S.)

Engines for the 1947-1948 Crosley Convertible & Wagon:

Type Size
sv I-4
44.0 cc
26 1947-1948

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