1946-1947 Hudson Super Six

The 1946-1947 Hudson Super Six was the best-selling Hudson in the early postwar years, and the most readily available today. Body choices were two- and four-door sedans, coupe, club coupe, and convertible. Soft-top production was about 2,500 units for the two years.

The 1947 Hudson Super Six convertible, part of the 1946-1947 Hudson Super Six line of collectible cars.
1947 Hudson Super Six convertible.  See more pictures of Hudson cars.

Styling was a little busier than in 1940-42, but was still based on the prewar bodyshell. Three transmissions were offered: overdrive, Drive-Master, and Vacumotive Drive. The last was a semi-automatic clutch, while Drive-Master combined semi-automatic clutch and shift functions. A Commodore Six sedan and club coupe were also available in these two model years.

of the 1946-1947 Hudson Super Six:
  • Relatively easy to find
  • Strong club support
  • Solid construction
Minuses of the 1946-1947 Hudson Super Six:
  • Busy styling
  • Heavy steering
  • Plain interiors
Production of the 1946 Hudson Super Six:

Production of the 1947 Hudson Super Six:

Specifications of the 1946-1947 Hudson Super Six:
Length, inches: 204.5
Wheelbase, inches: 121.0
Weight, pounds: 2,950-3,750
Price (new): $1,481-$2,021 (U.S.)

for the 1946-1947 Hudson Super Six:
sv I-6212 cid

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