1945-1959 Volkswagen Beetle

The 1945-1959 Volkswagen Beetle got off to a slow start, but steadily developed an audience devoted to its economy, simplicity, and character. See more Volkswagen Beetle pictures.
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The 1945-1959 Volkswagen Beetle rose from the ashes of World War II to become popular worldwide. In America, it gained acceptance because it was remarkably well built for its low price, it was reliable and fuel-efficient, and, to some, it bucked the concept of planned obsolescence.

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As a humble relic of the Nazi nightmare, Adolf Hitler's Wagen fur das Volk seemed stillborn as war-shattered Germany began to rebuild. But thanks to an enthusiastic cadre of British troops and one visionary auto executive, the Beetle quickly improved to become a people's car for the whole world.

In the process, it spurred an "economic miracle" for Germany, made Volkswagen a household name, and set new standards for customer satisfaction.

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