1945-1948 Jaguar Mark IV

The 1945-1948 Jaguar Mark IV, Jaguar's first cars after World War II are essentially continuations of the 1938-39 models. Most were four-door sedans and shared the same bodyshell, but the 1.5 Litre model rode a six-inch shorter whe­elbase and had a four- instead of six-cylinder engine made by the Standard Motor Car Company.

The 1948 Jaguar Mark IV 3.5 Litre sedan, part of the 1945-1948 Jaguar Mark IV line.
1948 Jaguar Mark IV 3.5 Litre sedan.  See more pictures of Jaguar cars.

Appearance was marked by a long hood, upright radiator capped by the Jaguar mascot, large freestanding headlamps, flowing separate front fenders, and a narrow, close-coupled body. An archaic -- even by the late '40s -- leaf-spring/live-axle suspension was used both front and rear.­

High-quality interior furnishings included a traditional British wood dash with large, plainly marked dials. Top speed for the 1.5 Litre was about 70 mph; the 3.5 Litre could reach a bit over 90 mph.

Most Mark IVs were built with right-hand drive for the British market as Jaguar's export drive didn't begin in earnest until a few years later.

Pluses of the 1945-1948 Jaguar Mark IV:

  • Classic lines
  • CCCA Classic status
  • Rugged simplicity
  • Rare in U.S.
  • Convertibles very desirable
  • Prices have recently retreated to realistic levels

Minuses of the 1945-1948 Jaguar Mark IV:

  • Parts supplies dried up long ago
  • Limited performance
  • Poor body quality
  • Old-fashioned chassis

Production of the 1945-1948 Jaguar Mark IV:

  • 1.5 Litre: 5,761
  • 2.5 Litre: 1,861
  • 3.5 Litre: 4,420
  • Conv 104 (2.5 Litre), 560 (3.5 Litre)

Specifications of the 1945-1948 Jaguar Mark IV:
Length, inches: 173.0 (1.5), 186.0 (2.5/3.5)
Wheelbase, inches: 112.5 (1.5), 120.0 (2.5/3.5)
Weight, pounds: 2,970 (1.5), 3,585 (2.5), 3,670 (3.5)
Price, new: N/A

Engines for the 1945-1948 Jaguar Mark IV:



ohv 1-4
1,776 (108 cid)
ohv 1-62,663 (163 cid)
ohv 1-63,485 (213 cid)

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