1942-1948 Buick Roadmaster

The 1942-1948 Buick Roadmaster is considered Buick's luxury standard bearer, and it's especially attractive in these years. The Harley Earl styling was distinguished by long, tapering pontoon front fenders; a wide, vertical-bar grille; and a "gunsight" hood ornament for the postwar models.

The convertible is the most prized body style, but the sleek Sedanet is a better buy. The partially wood-bodied Estate Wagon is also very rare and desirable.

Pluses of the 1942-1948 Buick Roadmaster:

  • Large and luxurious, a fine touring car
  • Dynaflow automatic available on '48s

Minuses of the 1942-1948 Buick Roadmaster:

  • A hefty armful to drive
  • High fuel consumption
  • Sluggish acceleration with Dynaflow

Production of the 1942-1948 Buick Roadmaster:

  • 1942: 4d sdn 5,418; conv 511; Sedanet 2,475
  • 1946: 4d sdn 20,864; conv 2,587; Sedanet 8,292
  • 1947: 4d sdn 47,152; conv 12,074; Sedanet 19,212; 4d wgn 529
  • 1948: 4d sdn 47,569; conv 11,503; Sedanet 20,649; 4d wgn 350

Specifications of the 1942-1948 Buick Roadmaster:
Wheelbase, inches: 129.0
Length, inches: 217.5
Weight, pounds: 4,075-4,460
Price, new: $1,395-$3,433

Engine for the 1942-1948 Buick Roadmaster:

ohv I-8320.2 cid

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