1941-1947 Packard Clipper

How Packard Viewed the Clipper

Most Clippers were four-doors, but the two-door was also attractive, as seen on this 1946 model.
Most Clippers were four-doors, but the two-door was also attractive, as seen on this 1946 model.

Excerpted from Packard Promotional Pointers, April 1, 1941, prepared by the Sales Promotional Department. This advertised the first model in the 1941-1947 Packard Clipper generation.

The Packard Clipper taps an entirely new market for Packard. It makes its bow at the season of the year when the greatest number of buyers are in the market. It comes at a time when business is booming as never before. It arrives when many persons, who, under normal conditions, wouldn't consider a new car for a year or two, are now wondering if the present isn't the logical and economical time to buy. The announcement of the new Clipper couldn't have been more perfectly timed.

New Program

The new Packard Clipper marks the opening of an entirely new program. It is the first fruit of an intensive engineering development schedule, which has been in progress for some time and will be continued intensively. The Clipper is the forerunner or nucleus of a program which will offer other new and tempting innovations later.

The Name "Clipper"

The selection of the name "Clipper" was made by the public. From many names, all carefully considered, four were finally selected by judges. These four names and a carefully retouched photograph (to conceal identifying marks) were submitted to hundreds of people by the organization directed by Dr. George Gallup. The name "Clipper" was preponderantly the favorite.

New Market

There will be those, of course, who will prefer the more conservative and conventional Packard lines. The answer to all persons who exhibit such a preference is the present One Ten, One Twenty, One Sixty, and One Eighty. Thus, as demand justifies, Packard will cater to two fields of choice in motor car styling.

Conversion to One Ten or One Twenty

There will be many prospects drawn to your showroom by the new Packard Clipper who will be most favorably impressed with it, but whose financial means will not permit the purchase of the car. The very fact that the prospect is present provides a golden opportunity to interest him in either a One Twenty or One Ten. When you discern the fact that he cannot qualify as a Packard Clipper buyer, be quick to parade the many value advantages offered by the One Twenty and One Ten. With the One Twenty and One Ten you can make immediate delivery and can offer a choice in several distinctive body types.


Generous advertising support is given to the new Packard Clipper -- the kind that causes people to sit up and take notice. From the week ending April 26, and every week through the month of June, the story of the new Packard Clipper will be told time and again in more than ten million homes. Starting off with the sensational announcement ad -- 3 pages in 4 colors -- the big news will be carried by Saturday Evening Post, Time, Collier's, Newsweek, Fortune, and Town and Country. Newspapers will also be used liberally to spread the news of the new Packard Clipper.

"Skipper the Clipper -- To the Port of Bigger Profits"

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