1941-1942 Willys Americar

1941 Willys Americar coupe, part of the 1941-1942 Willys Americar line of collectible cars.
1941 Willys Americar coupe

The 1941-1942 Willys Americar was an ordinary but well-built compact passenger car produced under the presidency of Joseph W. Frazer (later of Kaiser-Frazer) and engineered by Barney Roos. The L-head four-cylinder engine and ladder chassis were conventional, while the sharp-nosed body styling owed a little to previous Hudsons and Nashes.

Prices as low as $634 made the lightweight Americar competitive, but production had hardly begun when the company regrouped to build the immortal Jeep. Three variations -- Speedway, DeLuxe and Plainsman -- were offered, each with a coupe and sedan, plus a DeLuxe four-door woody wagon. Production did not resume after the war.

Pluses of the 1941-1942 Willys Americar:

  • Inexpensive now
  • Economical and nimble
  • The last Willys cars until 1952

Minuses of the 1941-1942 Willys Americar:

  • Styling
  • Conventional specs
  • Body parts scarce now
  • Slow to appreciate

Production of the 1941 Willys Americar:
Approximately 22,000

Production of the 1942 Willys Americar:
Approximately 7,000

Specifications of the 1941-1942 Willys Americar:
Wheelbase, inches: 104.0
Length, inches: 170.0
Weight, pounds: 2,116-2,512
Price, new: $634-$978

Engines for the 1941-1942 Willys Americar:

sv I-4 134.2 cid63 1941-1942

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