1941-1942 Mercury

1942 Mercury Tudor sedan of the 1941-1942 Mercurys
1942 Mercury Tudor sedan

The 1941-1942 Mercury was completely restyled for 1941, with a two-inch longer wheelbase and a wider selection of models. New were a two-passenger coupe and a four-door wagon, while the romantic convertible sedan was dropped. The Mercury was mechanically unchanged, though the flathead V-8 gained five horsepower for '42, when a new clutchless transmission called "Liquamatic" was also briefly offered.

The '42 facelift saw a two-tier horizontal grille substituted for the vertically split '41 affair, giving a more massive look. Production halted in early February 1942, making the last prewar Mercs comparatively rare today.

Pluses of the 1941-1942 Mercury:

  • Fit and finish
  • Good performance

Minuses of the 1941-1942 Mercury:

  • Clumsier styling than 1939-1940

Production of the 1941-1942 Mercury:

  • 1941: 82,391
  • 1942: 22,816

(both estimated)

Specifications of the 1941-1942 Mercury:
Wheelbase, inches: 118.0
Length, inches: 202.5
Weight, pounds: 3,008-3,528
Price, new: $910-$1,260 (U.S.)

Engines for the 1941-1942 Mercury:

TypeSize Horsepower Years
239 95/100 1941-1942

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