1940-1949 Ford Trucks

1940 Ford Trucks

1940 1/2-ton Ford pickup

Ford trucks were updated in 1940 as 1/2-ton trucks took on car styling for the first time in almost 10 years. Ford also produced its 28-millionth vehicle in 1940.

For 1940, 1/2-ton pickups adopted the look of that year's Standard-series cars -- the first time since 1932 that trucks shared car styling. This included a vee'd grille, pointed hood, and headlights mounted into the fenders, giving these haulers a modern, classy look. Power continued to come from a choice of two flathead V-8 engines: a 136-cubic-inch 60-horsepower unit, or a 221-cid 85-hp version.

1940 Ford Sedan Delivery

By contrast, Sedan Deliveries carried the styling of Deluxe-series 1940 cars, with slated "gills" flanking a horizontal-bar grille. Sedan Deliveries also got a larger cargo body this year.

1940 Sedan Delivery interior

The interior of 1940 Sedan Deliveries was also new, and likewise followed the lead of its automotive counterparts with dressy two-toning and chrome accents.

1940 Ford pickup

Originally used by the Bell Telephone Co., this Ford pickup sports a special utility box.


1940 Ford pickup interior

Though the exterior of the Bell Telephone Co. truck mimicked car styling, the interior of this Ford pickup still said "truck" with its flat, monotone dashboard.

A new six-cylinder engine became available for Ford trucks in 1941. Read about this change and other updates to Ford trucks in 1941 in the next section.

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