1938-1939 Lagonda V-12

The 1938-1939 Lagonda V-12 was the second-generation "Bentley," produced under the aegis of W.O. Bentley after he joined Lagonda in 1935. It was bred in the same heroic mold as his earlier cars, but with a magnificent single-cam 60-degree V-12. Features included a solid separate chassis, torsion-bar independent front suspension, and a huge choice of bodies from tourers to limousines.

1938-1939 Lagonda V-12
1939 Lagonda V-12 convertible.  See more pictures of 1930s cars.

Though the engine is a problem for today's restorers -- parts for it simply don't exist anymore -- this was one of the 1930s fastest British cars, with a brave and well-executed basic concept that made it altogether more sporting and exciting than a contemporary Rolls/Bentley. Silky smooth performance up to a 105-mph top speed in a 5,000-pound car was -- and is -- formidable.

Pluses of the 1938-1939 Lagonda V-12:
  • High performance from splendid engine
  • Rarity
  • Smooth and sophisticated
  • Styling
  • A CCCA Classic
Minuses of the 1938-1939 Lagonda V-12:
  • Engine parts not available
  • Complex to maintain
  • Heavy and thirsty
  • Ownership costs very high
  • Little U.S. interest
Production of the 1938-1939 Lagonda V-12:

Specifications of the 1938-1939 Lagonda V-12:
Wheelbase, inches
: 124.0-138.0
Length, inches
: 200.0-212.0
Weight, pounds
: 4,400-5,000
Price, new
: NA

Engines for the 1938-1939 Lagonda V-12:

Type Size
ohc V-12
4,480 cc (273 cid)
180 1938-1939

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