1937 Nimbus Luxus

The 1937 Nimbus Luxus was representative of a Danish line of solidly built motorcycles in production for nearly 40 years. See more motorcycle pictures.

Several things were unusual about 1937 Nimbus Luxus motorcycle, but perhaps most unique was that it was designed and built in Denmark, a nation not known as a major source of two-wheel transportation.

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Also unusual was this aspect of the Danish-built Nimbus's design: it was offered only in four-cylinder/shaft-drive configuration throughout its 1920-1957 production run.

While early models carried a flathead engine, overhead valves were in use by 1937.

Other unusual Nimbus features exhibited on the 1937 Nimbus Luxus motorcycle include a channel-steel frame (as opposed to round tubing), and a fuel tank surrounded by the frame rails.

Also unorthodox is a centrally mounted gear lever situated behind the tank, in its own console. The clutch could be operated by either a foot pedal or hand lever.

Telescopic forks were also unusual for the 1930s, and the pressed-steel handlebars would stand out in any era.

Both the driver and passenger seat were sprung, though both were "hollow" underneath.

The 45-cubic-inch overhead-valve four in the 1937 Nimbus Luxus motorcycle was of an efficient cross-flow design, but had exposed valve springs along with rocker arms that partially protruded from the head casting.

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