1937-1939 Packard Super Eight

Far more successful than concurrent Twelves, probably because it sold for much less, the 1937-1939 Packard Super Eight was vastly downsized from earlier in both seen and unseen places.

Independent front suspension, a smaller Eight, grease nipples instead of Bijur lubrication, and hydraulic brakes were featured, and the old "suicide" front doors were eliminated. It was also more streamlined in keeping with current trends (the radiator was raked 30 degrees now) but retained the "Packard look." Weight was cut almost as dramatically as on GM's famous downsizing program of the late 1970s.

Pluses of the 1937-1939 Packard Super Eight:

  • Excellent driving machine
  • Last of the floor-shift Super Eights
  • Glorious dash with five big dials
  • Strong club and parts support
  • Classic status
  • Almost affordable by mortals

Minuses of the 1937-1939 Packard Super Eight:

  • No overdrive available
  • Relatively scarce and tend to be pricey
  • Not as snooty a model as the earlier Classics

Production of the 1937-1939 Packard Super Eight:

  • 1937: 5,793
  • 1938: 2,478

Specifications of the 1937-1939 Packard Super Eight:
Wheelbase, inches: 127.0/134.0/139.0
Length, inches: NA
Weight, pounds: 4,530-5,360
Price, new: $2,335-4,945

Engines of the 1937-1939 Packard Super Eight:

Type Size Horsepower Years
sv I-8 320.0 cid 135 1937
sv I-8 320.0 cid 130 1938

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