1936-1942 Buick Seres 80/90 Limited

The 1936-1942 Buick Series 80/90 Limited was developed because Cadillac didn't like the idea of Buick's 1930s prestige models with Brunn custom bodies, so Flint dropped them and put all its luxury emphasis on the long-wheelbase Limited from 1936 on. A smaller Series 80 Limited appeared on a shorter 133-inch wheelbase for 1940 only.

1940 Buick Limited sedan, part of the 1936-1940 Buick Series 80/90 Limited line of collectible cars
1940 Buick Limited sedan.  See more pictures of Buick cars.

Production was low, the cars were huge, and quality and workmanship were exceptional. All Series 90s are recognized Classics. The car was fully restyled with pontoon fenders for 1942, but only a handful were built. The Limited was revived in 1958, but merely as a glorified Roadmaster that lasted only one year.

Pluses of the 1936-1942 Buick Series 80/90 Limited:

  • Luxurious interiors
  • Outstanding craftsmanship, quality
  • 90 Series models are CCCA Classics

Minuses of the 1936-1942 Buick Series 80/90 Limited:

  • Ponderous road manners (the six-passenger sedan is an exception)
  • High operating costs

Production of the 1936-1942 Buick Series 80/90 Limited:

  • All body styles under 1,000 per year except 1936-1937 sedans and 1941 sedan
  • 1942 production extremely low: 365 sedans, 250 limousines, 85 formals
  • Series 80 Limited (1940 only): 3,898 sedans, 270 formals, 250 phaetons, 28 "Streamlined" models (of which 7 were open)

Specifications of the 1936-1942 Buick Series 80/90 Limited:
Wheelbase, inches: 138.0 (1936-1937); 140.0 (1938-1940); 139.0 (1941-1942); 133.0 (1940 Series 80)
Length, inches: NA
Weight, pounds: 4,400-4,765
Price, new: $1,695-$2,545

Engine for the 1936-1942 Buick Series 80/90 Limited:

ohv I-8320.2 cid

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