1936-1940 SS Jaguar 100

The 1937 SS Jaguar 100 roadster, part of the 1936-1940 SS Jaguar 100 line
1937 SS Jaguar 100 roadster

The 1936-1940 SS Jaguar 100 was the successor to the SS90 -- a short-wheelbase two-seater powered by the 2664cc side-valve Standard six and based on SS I chassis engineering. Only 23 SS90’s were built in 1935. The SS 100 retained the 1990's basic 104-inch-wheelbase platform, but mounted overhead-valve engines straight out of SS Jaguar's sedans.

The initial 2.5-liter version was supplemented by a 3.5-liter unit in 1938. Though cramped even for a two-seater, the roadster styling was a sensation. Ride was hard and the steering quite vague, yet this was about the most eye-catching car on British roads and amazing value for money.

The larger-engine model could do a genuine 100 mph and 0-60 in 10.4 seconds. Even more power was obtainable via fairly simple tuning tweaks. The SS Jaguar 100 was rare then -- and even scarcer now. You'll need a bundle of bucks to put one in your garage.

Pluses of the 1936-1940 SS Jaguar 100:

  • Handy size
  • Sensual, widely applauded styling
  • Uncommon today
  • Zippy performance

Minuses of the 1936-1940 SS Jaguar 100:

  • Body parts scarce
  • Cramped cockpit
  • Pricey, and becoming more so
  • SS I road manners

Production of the 1936-1940 SS Jaguar 100:

  • 2 1/2 Litre: 198
  • 3 1/2 Litre: 116

Specifications of the 1936-1940 SS Jaguar 100:
Wheelbase, inches: 104.0
Length, inches: 150.0

Weight, pounds: 2,600
Price, new: NA

Engines for the 1936-1940 SS Jaguar 100:

ohv I-6
2,664 cc (163 cid)
ohv I-6
3,485 cc (213 cid)

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