1936-1939 MG TA/TB

The 1936-1939 MG TA was Abingdon's first offering after MG merged with the Nuffield organization, and rather different from the superseded P-Types -- and less distinctly MG.

The transmission (with synchromesh phased in as a running change after the first few months of production) and pushrod engine were both based on Morris Ten components; there were no other important mechanical changes. Styling was very familiar, and similar to the P-Type's, though bodies were longer and a touch wider.

The rakish roadster was joined in 1938 by a new drophead (convertible) coupe with full-height doors crafted by Tickford. TA's old-fashioned long-stroke engine was replaced on the 1939-only TB models by the new shorter-stroke (but still markedly undersquare) XPAG unit, which would run into the mid-Fifties. These models were important as the direct ancestors of the romantic postwar TC, which was essentially a carryover TB.

Pluses of the 1936-1939 MG TA/TB:

  • Rarity, especially TB
  • More space than PB
  • Simple engineering
  • Many parts common with TC
  • 1930s MG appeal
  • Ample club support

Minuses of the 1936-1939 MG TA/TB:

  • Hard ride
  • Still cramped despite larger bodies
  • Bodies still rot-prone
  • Not much go or refinement

Production of the 1936-1939 MG TA/TB:

  • TA: 3,003 (1936-1939)
  • TB: 379 (1939 only)

Specifications of the 1936-1939 MG TA/TB:
Wheelbase, inches: 94.0
Length, inches: 140.0
Weight, pounds: 1,960
Price, new: NA

Engines for the 1936-1939 MG TA/TB:

TypeSize Horsepower Years
ohc I-4 1,292 cc (79 cid) 52 1936-1939
ohc I-41,250 cc (76 cid)541939

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