1935-1950 Delahaye Type 135

The 1935-1950 Delahaye Type 135, a fine, modern grand touring car, took over from Delage in the hearts of sporting drivers. The Delahaye was powered by a very refined truck engine and, like the Delage, distinguished by a variety of typical French shapes. Most were built with sedan and sporting two-door bodywork, but a few serious competition cars were also completed.

The chassis was strictly conventional apart from independent front suspension and a synchromesh gearbox, though with supple and advanced road behavior and 100-mph performance. Some cars were fitted with the Cotal electromagnetic gearbox, a real French specialty.

Pluses of the 1935-1950 Delahaye Type 135:
  • High performance
  • Excellent roadholding
  • Styling of sports versions
  • Simple to maintain
  • CCCA Classic status
Minuses of the 1935-1950 Delahaye Type 135:
  • Obsolete now, so no parts available
  • No restoration expertise
  • Few bodies have survived intact
  • Not widely appreciated in U.S.
Production of the 1935-1950 Delahaye Type 135:
  • approx. 200
Specifications of the 1935-1950 Delahaye Type 135:
Wheelbase, inches: 116.0
Length, inches: 180.0+

Weight, pounds: 2800+
Price, new: NA

Engines for the 1935-1950 Delahaye Type 135:

ohv I-6
3237 cc (198 cid)
130 1935-1936
ohv I-6
3557 cc (217 cid)
160 (competition model only)

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