1935-1938 Hudson Custom Eight

The sizable 1935-1938 Hudson Custom Eight arrived after a series of shorter, smaller Eights in 1934. Hudson released the big Custom for 1935, with a new all-steel body in brougham and sedan styles on an extra-long wheelbase.

The 1936 Hudson Custom 8 convertible coupe, part of the 1935-1938 Hudson Custom Eight line of collectible cars.
1936 Hudson Custom 8 convertible coupe.
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Chassis spans varied from 120 to 129 inches on an expanding line of bodies through 1938, during which time Hudson gradually evolved toward more enveloping, curvy bodywork. Styling was all-new for 1936, but not as radical as most of the competition's.

These are big, handsome cars that deserve a close look, if you can find one in good shape.

Pluses of the 1935-1938 Hudson Custom Eight:
  • Innovative and contemporary for the time
  • Handsome styling, more streamlined in each successive year
  • Solidly built
  • Good performance
Minuses of the 1935-1938 Hudson Custom Eight:
  • Not many open bodies available
  • Relatively high operating costs
  • Parts supplies short, so consider only top-condition examples
Production of the 1935 Hudson Custom Eight:

Production of the 1936 Hudson Custom Eight:

Production of the 1937 Hudson Custom Eight:

Production of the 1938 Hudson Custom Eight:

Specifications of the 1935-1938 Hudson Custom Eight:
Length, inches: NA
Wheelbase, inches: 124.0 (1935); 120.0/127.0 (1936); 122.0/129.0 (1937-1938)
Weight, pounds: 2,950-3,275
Price (new): $845-$1,299 (U.S.)

Engines for the 1935-1938 Hudson Custom Eight:
sv I-8254.5 cid

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Hudson cars of this period boasted all-steel construction, roomier interiors, and “Duo-Automatic” brakes -- a hydraulic system with a mechanical backup. See pictures of the 1935-1938 Hudson Custom Eights and Deluxe Eights below.

1936 Hudson DeLuxe Custom Eight
The 1936 DeLuxe and Custom Eights were big, smooth, solid cars in the Hudson tradition.

1936 Hudson Custom Eight
Power for the DeLuxe Eight was provided by a 113-horsepower, 254.5-cid L-head straight eight, which provided dignified performance in the 3,000-pound convertibles.

1936 Hudson Custom Eight
The convertible versions of the Custom Eight sold for $950 and rode the 120-inch standard wheelbase used for all models except long sedans.

1936 Hudson DeLuxe
A 1936 convertible Hudson DeLuxe Eight cost $875.

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