1935-1956 HRG 1100/1500

The 1935-1956 HRG 1100/1500 was a stark, hard-riding vintage British sports car that continued with few changes into the postwar world. The cramped two-seat cockpit featured creature comforts notable by their absence.

The 1948 HRG 1500 roadster, part of the 1935-1956 HRG 1100/1500 line of collectible cars.
1948 HRG 1500 roadster.  See more pictures of British sports cars.

Except for the unsuccessful envelope-body "Aerodynamic" model (of which only 30 were built in 1946-1948), all HRGs had the same styling. This included the traditional vertical radiator, cycle-type front fenders, and Bugatti-type exposed front quarter-elliptic leaf springs.

The 1935-1956 HRG 1100/1500 was powered by a choice of two four-cylinder engines from the Singer Motor Company of Coventry. The HRG was slower than it looked (73 mph tops for the 1100, 83 mph for the 1500), but very nimble.

Though a real driver's car, and quite reliable for rallying and other competition, the HRG was incredibly uncomfortable. Like a cold shower, it was invigorating, but painful.

Pluses of the 1935-1956 HRG 1100/1500:

  • Low-production appeal
  • British "trad" style
  • Strong, simple
  • More exclusive than a postwar MG
  • Active British club
Minuses of the 1935-1956 HRG 1100/1500:
  • Very hard suspension
  • No parts available now
  • Little weather protection
  • Prewar engineering
  • Virtually unknown in the U.S.
Production of the 1935-1956 HRG 1100/1500:

Specifications of the 1935-1956 HRG 1100/1500:
Length, inches: 144.0
Wheelbase, inches: 99.5/103.5
Weight, pounds: 1,510-1,750
Price (new): NA

for the 1935-1956 HRG 1100/1500:

Type (cid)
ohc I-4 (65)1074 cc
40 (net)
ohc I-4 (91)1496 cc
61 (net)

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