1935-1936 Auburn Supercharged 851/852

One of the quintessential recognized Classics, the 1935-1936 Auburn Supercharged 851/852 had prices and demand to suit. Styling was by the late Gordon Buehrig, engineering was by August Duesenberg, and both were directed by Auburn-Cord-Duesenberg president Harold T. Ames. Supercharged Auburns were identified by an outside exhaust on the left side of the hood.

This 1935 Auburn 851 Speedster was part of the 1935-36 Auburn Supercharged 851/852 series.
1935 Auburn 851 Speedster.
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The speedster returned after being discontinued in '34 and all were supercharged. Speedsters featured beautiful pontoon fenders and a boattail influenced by one of Buehrig's Duesenberg designs. Duesenberg's engine was an extension of the 1934 Eight but with 150 horsepower courtesy of its Schwitzer-Cummins blower.

Speedsters claimed an honest 100 mph off the showroom floor and were among the most breathtakingly beautiful automobiles of all time, yet in 1935 they sold for just $2,245. Most Classic enthusiasts wish they had a time machine for cars like these.

Pluses of the 1935-1936 Auburn Supercharged 851/852:

  • Speedster among the top blue chip Classics
  • Stunning looks and great vintage performance
  • A legend among motorcars

Minuses of the 1935-1936 Auburn Supercharged 851/852:

  • Price, price, and price
  • High operating costs
  • Rarity

Production of the 1935-1936 Auburn Supercharged 851/852:
Approximately 500

Specifications of the 1935-1936 Auburn Supercharged 851/852:
Wheelbase, inches: 127.0
Length, inches: NA
Weight, pounds: 3,565-3,729
Price, new: $1,445-2,245

Engines for the 1935-1936 Auburn Supercharged 851/852:

Type Size Horsepower Years
sv I-8* 280.0 cid 150 1935-1936


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