1934-1939 Studebaker President Eight

1936 Studebaker President Eight sedan, part of the 1934-1939 Studebaker President Eight line of collectible cars.
1936 Studebaker President Eight sedan

The 1934-1939 Studebaker President Eight marked the continuation of Studebaker's top-of-the-line series, which was increasingly streamlined through the late 1930s, gaining pontoon fenders and rounded grillework but retaining a crisp, individual appearance.

Warner overdrive and "planar" independent front suspension came in 1935 (transverse leaf spring with upper/lower links and rotary shocks); "Hill Holder" (a device that prevented the car from rolling backwards when the clutch was depressed) was added in 1936. Automatic choke, vacuum-assisted brakes, rotary door latches, and all-steel bodies also arrived in late '30s.

The Studebaker President Eight was restyled by Raymond Loewy in 1938, and from that point they just kept getting better, with a prow-front motif and flush headlamps. All Presidents in this period were powered by Studebaker's 250-cid L-head eight with up to 115 horsepower, which was more than adequate.

Pluses of the 1934-1939 Studebaker President Eight:

  • Superb road performer
  • High quality and style
  • Huge array of bodies, including the "Year Ahead" streamliners, beginning July 1934

Minuses of the 1934-1939 Studebaker President Eight:

Production of the 1934 Studebaker President Eight:

Production of the 1935 Studebaker President Eight:

Production of the 1936 Studebaker President Eight:

Production of the 1937 Studebaker President Eight:

Production of the 1938 Studebaker President Eight:

Production of the 1939 Studebaker President Eight:

Specifications of the 1934-1939 Studebaker President Eight:
Wheelbase, inches: 123.0 (1934); 124.0 (1935); 125.0 (1936-1937); 122.0 (1938-1939)
Length, inches: NA
Weight, pounds: 3,300-3,970
Price, new: $1,015-$1,555

Engines for the 1934-1939 Studebaker President Eight:

sv I-8 250.0 cid

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