1934-1936 MG PA/PB

Smoother and marginally more sophisticated than the J2 it replaced, the 1934-1936 MG PA/PB was still mainly for masochists with narrow shoulders. It retained MG's unmistakable design hallmarks: proud radiator, freestanding headlamps, classic clamshell fenders, and "slab-back" fuel tank.

The PA also retained the existing 847cc displacement, while the PB had a bored-out 939cc version with eight extra horsepower.

Three body styles were offered: two-seat roadster (the most sought-after today), a four-seater, and the unusual, gracefully shaped "Airline" fastback coupe.

All featured center-lock wire wheels, real leather upholstery, and MG's customary wood-framed body construction, plus fold-down windshields on the open models. The PA/PB was capable of 70+ mph, but a hard ride and lack of gearbox synchronization made this a rugged driving experience.

Pluses of the 1934-1936 MG PA/PB:

  • Last MGs in the original Cecil Kimber mold
  • Rarity
  • Small, light, and handy
  • Excellent club support

Minuses of the 1934-1936 MG PA/PB:

  • Performance still limited
  • Rot-prone bodies
  • Parts now scarce and pricey
  • Cramped
  • Bone-crusher ride
  • Not an everyday find

Specifications of the 1934-1936 MG PA/PB:
Wheelbase, inches: 87.5
Length, inches: 131.0
Weight, pounds: 1,510
Price, new: NA

Engines for the 1934-1936 MG PA/PB:

TypeSize Horsepower Years
ohc I-4 847 cc (52 cid) 351 1934-1935
ohc I-4939 cc (57 cid)4311935-1936

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