1932-1936 Stutz SV16

1933 Stutz SV32 convertible, similar to the 1932-1936 Stutz SV16 line of collectible cars.
1933 Stutz SV32 convertible (SV16 similar)

The 1932-1936 Stutz SV16 was the less powerful of the two Stutz Eights (the other was the Stutz DV32) during the final years of the company.

The SV16 pumped out only 113 horsepower, but its two long chassis carried the same plush bodies as the more famous DV32, including the last of the Stutz Bearcat two-passenger speedsters.

Though the Stutz SV16 had a twin-ignition engine like the contemporary Nash unit, it wasn't particularly lively in light of curb weights well over two tons. The bodies, however, were magnificent. All Stutzes are CCCA Classics.

Pluses of the 1932-1936 Stutz SV16:

  • Svelte coachwork, open and closed
  • The existence of a Bearcat model
  • Classic status

Minuses of the 1932-1936 Stutz SV16:

  • Underpowered
  • Mechanically complex
  • Parts impossible -- Are there any left to find?

Production of the 1932-1936 Stutz SV16:
Under 300

Specifications of the 1932-1936 Stutz SV16:
Wheelbase, inches: 116.0/134.5/145.0
Length, inches: Variable with body style
Weight, pounds: 4,488-5,346
Price, new: $1,895-$5,095

Engines for the 1932-1936 Stutz SV16:

ohc I-8 322.0 cid
113 1932-1936

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