1932-1934 MG J-Type Midget

The 1932-1934 MG J-Type Midget was the successor to the M-Type and its dumpy four-seat D-Type companion. The basic ohc four was retained, though with a new head that delivered more power.

Wheelbase was extended eight inches, too, and there was new body styling that forecast the shape of MGs all the way through the TD of the early Fifties.

All J2s were open two-seaters. Early examples had cycle-type fenders, which later gave way to clamshell-type "swept wings." The four-seat J1 was offered in both open and closed form.

Cutaway doors and wood-framed bodies were common to both J-Types. The J maintained MG practice with a very hard leaf-spring suspension, solid front and rear axles, non-synchromesh gearbox, and precious little weather protection, but J2 performance was improved to almost 80 mph. A supercharged J3 and supercharged competition J4 were added to the line in late '32.

Pluses of the 1932-1934 MG J-Type Midget:

  • Sweet, almost feminine character
  • Creditable go and handy size in a vintage Brit sportster
  • Rare and valuable

Minuses of the 1932-1934 MG J-Type Midget:

  • Not much value for money in today's terms
  • Crude "crashbox"
  • Cramped cockpit
  • Antediluvian ride, handling

Production of the 1932-1934 MG J-Type Midget:

  • J1: 380
  • J2: 2,083

Specifications of the 1932-1934 MG J-Type Midget:
Wheelbase, inches: 86.0
Length, inches: 124.0
Weight, pounds: 1,260
Price, new: NA

Engines for the 1932-1934 MG J-Type Midget:

TypeSize Horsepower Years
ohc I-4 847 36 1932-1934
ohc I-4746NA/7221932-1934

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