1932-1934 Lincoln V-12 Models

The 1932-1934 Lincoln V-12 Models were Lincoln's answer to the multi-cylinder Cadillacs and Packards. The huge KB had more performance than the 1931 Model K, yet actually sold for less initially and was offered with a wider array of bodies. It was magnificent around town and a fast tourer, renowned for good looks, quality, luxury, and performance that defied comparison with most ordinary cars of the day.

Greatest of them all was the Murphy dual-cowl sport phaeton, which commands the highest price on today's market. A possible ringer here is the 1933 KA with its smaller one-year-only engine. However, all these V-12s are closely related and do not affect value as much as condition and, of course, body style.

Pluses of the 1932-1934 Lincoln V-12 Models:

  • Tremendous presence, grand by any standard
  • Superb coach-work and "clockwork"
  • A great touring car even now
  • Full CCCA Classic status

Minuses of the 1932-1934 Lincoln V-12 Models:

  • Mechanical complexity and resultant headaches
  • Titanic expense from purchase to sale
  • As scarce as you'd expect

Production of the 1932-1934 Lincoln V-12 Models:

  • 1932: KB 1,525
  • 1933: KA 1,118; KB 596
  • 1934: KA 1,679; KB 752

Specifications of the 1932-1934 Lincoln V-12 Models:
Wheelbase, inches: 145.0 (1932-1934 KB), 136.0 (1933-1934 KA)
Length, inches: Variable
Weight, pounds: 4,719-5,990
Price, new: $2,700-$7,200

Engines for the 1932-1934 Lincoln V-12 Models:

Type Size Horsepower Years
sv V-12448.0 cid 150 1932-1933 (KB)
sv V-12 381.7 cid
125 1933 (KA)
sv V-12414.0 cid
150 1934 (KA-KB)

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