1932-1934 Auburn Twelve

The 1932-1934 Auburn Twelve was the least expensive V-12 ever at $975 for the Standard coupe and $1,275 for the top-of-the-line Custom Speedster. The Twelve featured power by Lycoming (part of Errett Lobbin Cord's empire) in a huge double-braced frame.

This 1932 Auburn V-12 Cabriolet was part of the 1932-34 Auburn Twelve line.
1932 Auburn V-12 Cabriolet.
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Custom Twelves had a Columbia dual-ratio rear axle with 3.04 and 4.55 gearing that was interchangeable under 40 mph. The magnificent V-12 boattail Speedsters, so rare today, were the finest expressions of Classic-era styling.

Unfortunately for Auburn, its unprecedented value didn't impress a public adamant for economy cars, and the firm scrubbed all its Twelves after 1934.

Pluses of the 1932-1934 Auburn Twelve:

  • One of the most balanced and best engineered 1930s Classics
  • Stunning design, especially open models
  • Values still appreciating

Minuses of the 1932-1934 Auburn Twelve:

  • Prices already formidable
  • Operating costs and parts commensurately expensive
  • Lacks "blue chip" aura of Cord and Duesenberg stablemates

Production of the 1932-1934 Auburn Twelve:
Under 2,000 for the three years; 305 Salon Twelves for 1933

Specifications of the 1932-1934 Auburn Twelve:
Wheelbase, inches: 133.0
Length, inches: NA
Weight, pounds: 4,135-4,870
Price, new: $975-1,745

Engines for the 1932-1934 Auburn Twelve:

Type Size Horsepower Years
sv V-12 391.6 cid 160 1932-1934

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