1931-1935 Buick Eight

The 1931-1935 Buick Eight is a Classic. Indeed, all Series 90s from 1931 on are recognized Classics; no other models are, although individual custom bodies may be certified. Increasing scarcity and high fluctuation in values among a wide variety of models make it difficult to supply hard and fast guidelines for pre-1936 Buicks, though.

Open styles in all series are worth up to $50,000 or more in perfect show condition. Restorable examples will rarely be priced below $4,000 if they can be found at all. Closed models run about half that much. The usual rule that open cars far surpass closed models in value applies; likewise, coupes are more sought-after than sedans.

Prices remain more moderate among 1934-35 Buicks. The most desirable models are undoubtedly the Series 90 convertible coupe and phaeton ($55,000 maximum in top condition).

Pluses of the 1931-1935 Buick Eight:

  • Straight-eight smoothness
  • Senior models' posh and panache
  • 90 Series models are CCCA-recognized Classics

Minuses of the 1931-1935 Buick Eight:

  • Open models' scarcity
  • Lack of status for all but Series 90s

Production of the 1931-1935 Buick Eight:

  • 1931: 138,695
  • 1932: 56,790
  • 1933: 46,924
  • 1934: 71,009
  • 1935: 53,249

Specifications of the 1931-1935 Buick Eight:
Wheelbase, inches: 132.0 (1931); 134.0 (1932); 138.0 (1933); 136.0 (1934-35)
Length, inches: NA
Weight, pounds: 4,010-4,876
Price, new: $1,610-$2,175

Engine for the 1931-1935 Buick Eight:

ohv I-8344.8 cid
104-116 1931-1935

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