1930-1935 Cadillac Eight

The 1930-1935 Cadillac Eight is a certified CCCA Classic. The car represented the high point of Cadillac luxury and design in the prewar years, although the Depression caused production to drop drastically after 1932. The 1930-1935 Cadillac Eight is now not numerous enough to establish firm price guidelines for individual models.

1932 Cadillac V-8 convertible coupe, part of the 1930-1935 Cadillac Eight line of collectible cars.
1932 Cadillac V-8 convertible coupe.
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The 353-cid V-8 engine of the 1930-1935 Cadillac Eight was based on the 341-cid L-head unit introduced in 1928, one of the great eights of the golden age. This square-rigged styling began to disappear in 1932 and was entirely late-'30s streamlined by 1934.

Many other notable engineering feats peppered this period: "Syncro-Mesh" transmission in 1929, helical-cut synchronized gears in 1932, "No-Draft Ventilation" and vacuum-assisted brakes in 1933, independent front suspension in 1934, and all-steel bodies in 1935.

Aside from a switch to a new L-head eight in 1936, there were other quality downgrades that have prevented post-1935 models from being cited as Classics across-the-board. In all, 1930-1935 Cadillac Eights are very fine cars -- connoisseurs' pieces through 1933 -- but only for the wealthy today.

Pluses of the 1930-1935 Cadillac Eight:

  • Superb styling through 1933, excellent through 1935
  • 353-cid V-8 one of the great Classic powerplants
  • High appreciation potential

Minuses of the 1930-1935 Cadillac Eight:

  • Extremely expensive, especially open models
  • Costly to restore
  • Hard to find even if you have the money
Production of the 1930 Cadillac Eight:

Production of the 1931 Cadillac Eight:

Production of the 1932 Cadillac Eight:

Production of the 1933 Cadillac Eight:

Production of the 1934 Cadillac Eight:

Production of the 1935 Cadillac Eight:

Specifications of the 1930-1935 Cadillac Eight:
Length, inches: NA
Wheelbase, inches: 140.0 (1930); 134.0, 140.0 (1931-33); 128.0 Series 10, 136.0 Series 20, 146.0 Series 30 (1934-35)
Weight, pounds: 4,355-5,650
Price, new: $2,645-$5,695 (U.S.)

Engines for the 1930-1935 Cadillac Eight:

sv V-8
353.0 cid

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