1930-1934 Bugatti Type 50

The 1930-1934 Bugatti Type 50 is a "derivative" Bugatti built on a scaled-down Type 46 Royale chassis. The gearbox is in unit with the rear axle. Up front was the new, large twincam eight, which was allegedly patterned on the U.S. Miller racing unit.

This was a direct replacement for the Type 46, and big and luxurious by any standards. There was a choice of two wheelbases and several sumptuous bodies. It sold in small numbers because of the Rolls-Royce prices, the spine-numbing ride, all the engine noise, and the definite "mechanical" character. It's a very desirable Bugatti for the sportsman rather than the sybarite.

Pluses of the 1930-1934 Bugatti Type 50:

  • Peerless Bugatti character
  • Trend-setting twincam eight
  • Big and impressive
  • Easy to drive
  • It's a CCCA Classic

Minuses of the 1930-1934 Bugatti Type 50:

  • Expensive to buy and restore
  • Mechanically complex
  • Not many around today
  • Lacks refinement

Production of the 1930-1934 Bugatti Type 50:

Specifications of the 1930-1934 Bugatti Type 50:

Wheelbase, inches: 122/138
Length, inches: 178.0+
Weight, pounds: 4,000+
Price, new: NA

Engine for the 1930-1934 Bugatti Type 50:

dohc I-84,972 cc (303.5 cid)
200* 1930-1934


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