DeSoto 1929-1933

1931 DeSoto

The DeSoto CK carried into model-year 1931, ending production in November 1930. The CF also continued as a "first-series" 1931, though with just 500 built after July 1930. Both these DeSotos had deeper radiator shells without the corporate "ribbon" design still used by Chrysler and Plymouth.

1931 DeSoto
January 1931 ushered in a more
powerful six-cylinder DeSoto, the SA.

January 1931 ushered in a freshened DeSoto crop. The revised six-cylinder SA retained the 109-inch wheelbase, but featured a new 67-bhp 205.3-cid engine, plus revised styling with a longer hood and reduced overall height. The eight-cylinder line, internally designated CF, graduated to the 220.7-cid Dodge engine, but looked much the same as before except that the ribbon radiator returned.

By this time, the Depression was devastating the entire car market, making it impossible for DeSoto to repeat its high first-year popularity. And indeed, production and sales sank to around 32,000 units for 1930 and 1931.

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