DeSoto 1929-1933

1930 DeSoto

The DeSoto K series ran unaltered through July 1929, then continued for another six months as a "first-series" 1930. In January of that year it gained an eight-cylinder stablemate, the Model CF.

Most U.S. automakers in the late Twenties offered two series each model year. The first typically bowed in July of the previous calendar year and ran through December. A second series, sometimes all but indistinguishable from the first, was then trotted out for sale through the following July. DeSoto held to this custom.

1930 DeSoto
The big surprise from DeSoto for 1930 was the
addition in January of an eight-cylinder car, the CF.

A straight eight was the engine of choice for medium-priced cars in 1929-1930. The CF got a 70-bhp 207.7-cid engine and a new 114-inch wheelbase for a seven-model lineup offering all K-model body styles, plus a rumble-seat convertible coupe. It was also sold as a bare chassis for commercial applications and, perhaps, the occasional coachbuilder. Priced at $965-$1,075, the CF undercut ostensible rivals such as Graham, whose cheapest eight sold for $1,445, but clashed directly with Hudson ($885-$1,295).

It also had to contend with the first eight-cylinder Dodge, introduced at almost the same time. Designated DC, this rode the same wheelbase as the CF, but offered five more horsepower from a 220.7-cid version of the same basic sidevalve design (an extra quarter-inch of stroke made the difference). Despite being pitched slightly upmarket of DeSoto at $1,095-$1,145, the Dodge DC modestly outsold the CF with production of more than 23,000 units.

A new six-cylinder DeSoto CK appeared at the end of May 1930. Wheel­base was slightly shorter at 109 inches, a dimension not coincidentally shared with the Model DD Dodge. So was a 60-bhp 189.8-cid engine. At $810-$945, the CK, called "Finer Six," was slightly cheaper than the DD, but most body styles overlapped and styling was similar. Even so, Dodge soundly won this sales race too, by a margin of three-to-one.

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