1927 LaSalle

1927 LaSalle Specifications

The 1927 LaSalle was an attractive, yet expensive, automobile that was short-lived. Get specifications for the 1927 LaSalle.


Engine: 90-degree L-head V-8, 303 cid 3 1/8 × 4 15/16-in. bore × stroke), 4.8:1 compression ratio (5. 3:1 opt.), mechanical valve lifters, 3 main bearings, 75 bhp

Transmission: 3-speed selective, floor-mounted lever, 11-disc clutch, torque tube drive

Suspension, front and rear: Rigid axles (rear 3/4 floating), longitudinal semi-elliptic springs

Brakes: 4-wheel internal mechanical, 14-in. drums

Wheelbase (in.): 125.0 (most models): 134.0 (Imperial)

Overall length (in.): 185.0 (short wheelbase)

Weight (lbs): 3,755-5,100 (depending on body style)

Top speed (mph): 70+

Production: 12,000 (model year); 16,850 (calendar year)

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