1915 Cadillac V-8 Type 51

1915 Cadillac V-8, Type 51 Specifications

The 1915 Cadillac V-8 was automotive innovation for its time. On this page, you will find the specifications for this seminal car.

Engines: 90-degree V-8, cast in blocks of four, 314.5 cid (31/8 × 5 1/8-in. bore × stroke), single plane crankshaft, 3 main bearings, 70 bhp @ 2,400 rpm, 180 lbs/ft torque @ 2,000 rpm

Transmission: 3-speed, selective, floor-mounted lever, 15-disc dry-plate clutch, shaft drive, 4.41 rear axle ratio

Suspension, front: Rigid axle, semi-elliptic springs

Suspension, rear: Rigid axle, platform springs, cross-spring

Brakes: Mechanical, on rear wheels

Wheelbase (in.): 125.0 (special chassis, 145.0)

Tread, front and read (in.): 56

Weight (lbs): 4,000 (touring car)

Top speed (mph): 70

Production: 20,404 (calendar year); 13,002 (model year)

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