1915-1922 Stutz Bearcat

1915-1922 Stutz Bearcats Specifications

The 1915-1922 Stutz Bearcat is one of the most treasured classic cars of all time. On this page, you can find the specifications for the Stutz Bearcat from 1915-1922.

Engines: T-head I-4, 360.8 cid (4 3/8 × 6-in. bore × stroke), 16 valves, sohc, 80 bhp

Transmissions: 3-speed transaxle; leather-faced cone clutch (multiple-disc prior to 1915)

Suspension, front and rear: Rigid axles, semi-elliptic leaf springs

Brakes: Internal expanding on rear wheels

Wheelbase (in.): 120

Top speed (mph): 85

Production: NA, but probably about 1,000 from 1915-1922

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