1908-1927 Ford Model T

The Ford Model T quickly became a household name thanks to Henry Ford's innovative manufacturing process. On this page, you can see the specifications for the 1908-1927 Ford Model T.

Engines: L-head I-4, 176.7 cid (3 3/4 ´ 4-in. bore × stroke), 4.5:1 compression ratio, 20/22 bhp @ 1,600 rpm, 83 lbs/ft torque @ 900 rpm

Transmission: 2-speed, planetary, foot pedal controls, 24-26 disc clutch, torque tube drive

Suspension: Rigid axles, transverse leaf springs

Brakes: Contracting band in transmission, parking brake on rear wheels

Wheelbase (in.): 100

Overall length (lbs): 134.5

Weight (lbs): 1,200 (touring car)

Top speed: 35-40 mph

Production: 15,007,033 between 1908 and 1927 (U.S. only)

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