1901 Mercedes 35 HP

1901 Mercedes 35 HP Specifications

The 1901 Mercedes 35 HP was a truly seminal car and is considered by many auto historians to be the first "real" automobile. Below you will find the specifications for the 1901 Mercedes 35 HP.

Engine: I-4 cast in pairs, T-head combustion chambers, 364.4 cid (5,973 cc), with cam-operated inlet valves, twin carburetors, Bosch low-tension magneto ignition, water-cooled, 35 bhp @ 1,000 rpm

Transmission: 4-speed, gate change

Frame: Pressed channel-section side members

Brakes: Internally expanding on the rear axle; hand brake on the gearbox countershaft

Drive: Rear-wheel drive via sprockets and chains

Weight (lbs.): 2,640

Top Speed (mph): 53.5

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