10 Worst Cars of the 20th Century

Chevy Vega
The Chevy Vega (Creative Commons/Flickr/Rooskygirl)

Oh, hey look! John Z. DeLorean gets a piece of this terrible car, too! But this time, it really isn't his fault. He inherited the mess that was the Chevy Vega when he was put in charge of Chevrolet in 1969. It had been designed by a corporate team at GM, which is only one notch above a car designed by the U.S. Congress on the scale of awesome. Its sheet metal was so thin, and the rust-proof coating so spotty, that fenders would need to be replaced after only a winter or two on the salty streets of the Northeast. These cars were so amazing they could even rust in Arizona. No joke. Oh, and the engine could get hot enough to distort the head gasket, which is kind of an important part. Oh, and let's not forget that there was a labor dispute at the plant that built the Vega -- one that resulted in employees sabotaging the production line. Why, hello there, well-made, fuel-efficient Japanese cars. Please, step right this way -- into American garages.