10 Vintage Motorcycle Brands



There's an argument to be made that companies that specialize -- be it in widgets or mobile phones or motorcycles -- are going to have the focus required to produce products superior to businesses that do a little of everything. The Japanese company Kawasaki, which began making motorcycles in 1960s, may disprove that theory, given that it had a legacy of making ships, jets and industrial equipment before entering the business of two wheels [source: Cerilli]. In fact, when it comes to some of Kawasaki's best known vintage models, it seems clear that the company was eager to impart what it knew about making big powerful machines to the craft of motorcycle making, especially the high-horsepower 1969 500 cc Mach III and the 1973 900 cc 4-cylinder Z1. The Z1, in particular, was thought by some to be the first so-called "super bike" of modern times. It could go extraordinarily fast (between 120 mph and 130 mph) just like a Corvette or Ferrari, but cost much less [source: Wagnon].

Read on to discover that you're not the only one who names your bike.