Top 10 Stolen Cars of 2010

Dodge Charger
The Dodge Charger
The Dodge Charger
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One of the few sedans to make the list, the Dodge Charger was stolen at a rate of 7.4 for every 1,000 cars in 2010 [source: Los Angeles Times]. Usually, family sedans rate pretty low on theft loss lists, but the Charger, when equipped with a high performance HEMI V8 engine, is a magnet for thieves [source: Highway Loss Data Institute]. Those engines, popular among racing enthusiasts, don't come standard. Late model Chargers can be equipped with less powerful V6 engines instead. But the HEMI models are most valuable, especially for thieves stealing a Charger for its parts. Selling stolen HEMIs can be a lucrative enterprise. A refurbished Dodge HEMI engine can cost as much as $3,000 through legitimate channels [source: Power Train Products]. That's much cheaper than a new HEMI engine that can run up to $15,000 [source: Bouchillon Performance Engineering].