Top 10 Stolen Cars of 2010

Cadillac Escalade
The Cadillac Escalade has topped the Highway Data Loss Institute's most stolen vehicles list for five years.
The Cadillac Escalade has topped the Highway Data Loss Institute's most stolen vehicles list for five years.
GM Corp.

The Cadillac Escalade has topped the Highway Data Loss Institute's most stolen vehicles list for five years running. More than 1 percent of all late model Escalades were reported stolen in 2010; that's 10.8 of every 1,000, to be exact [source: Highway Loss Data Institute]. Because of the high list prices of both new and pre-owned Escalades, the luxury SUV also makes the HDLI's list of the vehicles with the most expensive insurance claims for theft. A pre-owned 2009 Escalade with base features is worth more than $46,000, and a quarter of the insurance claims for the stolen vehicles top $40,000 [source: Kelley Blue Book and Highway Loss Data Institute].

Those claims are tied to the replacement price of the insured vehicle. Because of the SUV's many luxury features, including a navigation system, satellite radio player and a high performance V8 engine, Cadillac equips its Escalade with the most up-to-date anti-theft technology, including ignition immobilizers [source: Edmunds]. But thieves seem to have ways around that technology, too. For instance, some will simply load them onto flatbed trucks and haul them away because keys aren't necessary if the car is going to be cut up and sold off in pieces [source: Highway Loss Data Institute]. Thieves can also bypass the anti-theft devices through carjackings or by stealing keys from dealers and residences [source: Statistics Canada].

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