10 Notorious Motorcycle Gangs



Even in the criminal underground of outlaw motorcycle gangs, the Warlocks, an OMG active in Pennsylvania and Florida, have a bad reputation. Other clubs like the Pagan's see themselves as too upstanding and respectable to associate with the Warlocks, who are seen as "low lives" by many other gangs [source: McGarvey]. So what kind of activities do bikers get involved in when even their fellow bikers don't respect them? Wearing the image of a harpy, a winged monster from Greek mythology, as their emblem, the Warlocks have been involved in dealing drugs and violent crime since they were founded in the late '60s.

One example of a Warlock's violent streak is the 1988 kidnapping of a rival biker gang leader. Retaliating for an attack by The Breed Motorcycle Club on Warlocks members who were drinking at a Pennsylvania bar, fellow Warlocks kidnapped Breed chapter leader Craig "Coyote" Gudkneckt, tied him up and beat him repeatedly with the butt of a handgun. The offending Warlocks went to jail once "Coyote" reported the beating to the police [source: McGarvey]. In 1995, a Warlock known as "Mudman" was convicted of murdering a cop after being pulled over, worried that he would be taken back to prison for violating parole [source: Graham]. "Mudman" died in a prison brawl a few years later [sources: Knipe Brown].