10 Notorious Motorcycle Gangs


Vagos Motorcycle Club

With around 300 members and 24 chapters, the Vagos Motorcycle Club is one of the most formidable gangs on the West Coast of the United States [source: U.S. Office of the Attorney General]. Wearing the symbol of the Norse god of mischief, Loki, Vagos have been engaged in a long, bloody turf war with the Hells Angels members in California [source: McDonald]. They also have operations in Hawaii, and along the U.S.-Mexico border. According to U.S. law enforcement, Vagos MC works with chapters in Mexico to smuggle drugs back and forth to the United States [source: U.S. Office of the Attorney General].

Like most of the other 1 percenter clubs, Vagos was founded in the 1960s [source: Dulaney]. The gang has become increasingly violent in later years, though. In 2009, a former president of the club's San Bernadino, Calif. chapter was put on trial for murder after allegedly ordering club members to drive a man to the dessert and kill him. The reason? The two men disagreed over the price of a bike [source: Cruz]. In another crime, a Vagos member broke into a home, stole the homeowner's money and some drugs, and then shot him in the head [source: Cruz].