10 Notorious Motorcycle Gangs



America may be the home of the rugged, leather-clad biker image. But Australia, with its wide open country and endless lengths of highway, has become a perfect place for outlaw motorcycle gangs to set up camp. On top of local chapters of gangs like the Outlaws and the Hells Angels, there are several Australian-based OMGs, including the Rebels and the infamous Finks.

Formed in Adelaide, Australia in the 1960s, the Finks were at the center of an all-out war with Australian police during the late 2000s. Like many other biker clubs, Finks' leaders claim the group is misunderstood, and that they are just a group of guys who sometimes end up in trouble with the law [source: Guilliatt]. Even the colors they wear on their riding jackets aren't your typical OMG logos. Instead of the usual threatening images of flaming skulls or scowling demons, the Finks' colors depict a tipsy-looking court jester with a silly grin.

But the Aussie government doesn't buy the Finks as a gang of fun-loving trouble makers. Finks members have been charged with crimes like drug trafficking, violent assaults and even planning a hit on a police officer [source: ABC Adelaide]. The government of the province of South Australia went so far as to name the Finks the province's No. 1 criminal threat in 2009 [source: The Gold Coast Bulletin].