10 Motorcycle World Records

Longest Continuous Ride Standing on a Motorcycle
Two people stand on a motorcycle. It may seem like a dangerous feat, but in 2013, Captain Abhayjit Mehlawat did it on a moving motorcycle for 9 miles. © 2015 Chris Pizzitola/CC BY-ND 2.0

Sure, you could set a 376-mile-per-hour land speed record, but sitting on a bike makes that way too easy. The real challenge is riding a bike that you're standing on.

We're only partially kidding. Controlling a motorcycle requires both feet (one to work the shifter, one to work the rear brake) and both hands (one to work the throttle, one to work the clutch and both to steer). It's kind of hard to use your feet to control a bike when you're standing on it, not to mention balancing while standing on a moving bike is a lot more challenging than balancing while sitting on a moving bike. That's what makes this record so impressive.

The world record for longest continuous ride while standing on a motorcycle is 16 kilometers, or about 9 miles. It was set by Captain Abhayjit Mehlawat of the Indian Army in 2013 [source: Guinness World Records]. (Are you seeing a pattern here? Indians really like getting some far-out motorcycle world records.)