10 Motorcycle World Records

Most Expensive Production Bike
The Ecosse Titanium Series Fe Ti XX goes for a cool $300,000. © Ecosse

Those of us who write for HowStuffWorks are used to the good life: lavish parties with A-list celebrities, bountiful pay and perks like a chocolate fountain in the company kitchen (most of this sentence is made up). Still, there are things that are beyond even the charmed life of a HowStuffWorks scribe — things like the Ecosse Titanium Series Fe Ti XX.

The Fe Ti XX is the most expensive production bike in the world. Of course, we're using the term "production" loosely here: Only 13 of the motorcycles were made. Still, with a price tag of $300,000, it's not like you'll see the Fe Ti XX sitting outside your local biker bar on a Wednesday night. Nope, this is a bike for the 1 percent.

So, what does $300,000 get you on a motorcycle? A carbon-fiber body, Italian leather seat (because your butt would know the difference) and 225 horsepower. No word on whether Ecosse will throw in a free key chain if you buy the Titanium Series Fe Ti XX, but for $300,000 they probably figure you can afford to buy your own [source: Said].