10 Motorcycle World Records

Longest Time Restraining a Harley
Juli Moody restrains a motorcycle at Ray Price Harley-Davidson in Raleigh, North Carolina. PRWeb

Harley-Davidson owners have a reputation for being a little wild. Although their bikes are commonly called hogs, holding back one of Milwaukee, Wisconsin's famed V-twin machines isn't what most people think of when they imagine restraining a wild hog.

First, a little background. To restrain a motorcycle, you get on it, plant your feet on the ground, grab the handle bars and twist the throttle. The bike's rear wheel spins, and your job is to hang on for dear life while trying to keep the bike in place. This activity isn't great for your tires, but it is a popular contest at biker rallies. The current world record holder is Juli Moody, who restrained a running Harley for one minute, 4.53 seconds — then probably got a lot of drink offers [source: Record Setter]. And this isn't Moody's only motorcycle world record: She also holds the world record for being the woman who restrained two running motorcycles the longest and for the heaviest vehicle pulled by a female. Not surprisingly, Moody holds the world record for being the female with the largest bicep, too [sources: Record Setter, Record Setter].