10 Famous Cars and the Drivers Who Drove Them

Matthew Broderick and the 1961 Ferrari 250GT California Spyder
Not the movie car replica -- this one is the real deal. (Creative Commons/flickr/erdero)

Oh yeah ... oh yeah. It's actually Cameron Frye's father's car, but he never drives it. So Ferris Bueller decided to take it for a spin instead. Matthew Broderick, as Ferris Bueller, spends a whirlwind, yet memorable day behind the wheel of the car, chauffeuring his best friend and his girlfriend around downtown Chicago. And he makes sure the audience knows, "It is so choice."

(If the 1986 John Hughes coming-of-age classic, "Ferris Bueller's Day Off," is one of your favorite movies, you might not want to read any further.)

It's fairly commonly known by now, but the Ferrari that was driven (and destroyed) in the movie wasn't an actual Ferrari. It was a kit car built from a modified MG. (The Ferrari parked in the garage was the real deal, though.) Several of the replicas were built just for filming and only one remains. It crops up at auction now and then. But Matthew Broderick has gone on record as saying actually, no, it's not choice at all, because it rarely started and wasn't reliable enough to cope with the teenagers' on-screen shenanigans. However, he stopped short of suggesting that it deserved the sad fate it suffered in the film. The dream Ferrari wasn't all it was cracked up to be, but that's the film business. Hope we didn't shatter your adolescent dreams.