10 Famous Cars and the Drivers Who Drove Them

Christopher Lloyd and the "Back to the Future" 1982 DeLorean DMC-12
"Back to the Future" DeLoreans draw a crowd wherever they go. (Creative Commons/flickr/Pop Culture Geek)

Christopher Lloyd, as Doc Brown in the "Back to the Future" film trilogy (as well as its spinoffs) perhaps understood the potential of the ill-fated DeLorean better than anyone. He was able to take a short-lived car model and make it eternal by turning it into a time machine. The gull-wing doors were cool, sure, but the flux capacitor was even cooler. And it blew Marty McFly's mind.

The 1982 DeLorean DMC-12 was already discontinued when it appeared in the 1985 film. The cars were built during 1981 and 1982, and then the DeLorean Motor Company went into liquidation. Parts and equipment survived the liquidation, enough that in 2008, the company began building new DeLoreans using old stock. The new/old vibe of the DeLorean helps it maintain a small but rabid following, no doubt further helped along by its status in the movie. (Fans of one geeky thing tend to overlap with fans of another geeky thing. Not that that's a bad thing.)

Christopher Lloyd did plenty of driving on screen, but the stunts were performed by stunt drivers. Perhaps that's why the DeLorean time machine is still alive and well. The same car, which was under a full restoration through almost all of 2012, appeared in all three films and occasionally warps around to comic cons and fan gatherings [source: TopGear].