Top 10 Cutting-edge Car Questions of 2008

What will "luxury car" mean in 2030?
Will luxury cars be dramatically different in 2030?
Will luxury cars be dramatically different in 2030?
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Most people have a pretty good idea of what a luxury car should be. But remember, you're probably thinking of luxury based on the car models and features that you can find on the showroom floor today. For this article, we wanted to take the luxury car query to the next level.

Sure, we all know that flat-screen televisions, real wood trim, heated and cooled seats, multi-zone temperature controls and even refrigerators have become somewhat routine features in many luxury cars these days. In fact, you can even find most (if not all) of these features in several cars that aren't really considered to be "luxury cars" at all. But have you ever heard of a luxury car that features a waterfall separating the driver from the front-seat passenger? How about a car that has a Japanese sand garden beneath glass floorboards, intended to give the interior a windswept feel? Maybe your idea of luxury is an eight-wheel, all-electric car that has a combined total of 800 horsepower? Believe it or not, these are features and capabilities that that have already found their way into luxury concept cars at various auto shows around the world. Our point is simple: What we consider to be luxury right this moment will most likely change dramatically over the next two decades as designers and engineers continue to develop even more outlandish and lavish vehicles for the wealthy car buyer.

We didn't know what we were in for when we asked: What will "luxury car" mean in 2030?

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