Top 10 Cutting-edge Car Questions of 2008

Is it possible to assemble a car with glue?
Do you really want your car assembled with glue?
Do you really want your car assembled with glue?
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­­­Have you ever built a model car? For many people, this can be a relaxing and rewarding hobby. If you have the patience, there's something very satisfying about slowly filling a shelf with exact replicas of race cars and other street machines that you've hand-selected to be a part of your pristine collection. For others, the entire process can be a nightmare from start to finish. Nothing seems to fit where it should and you begin to believe that the instructions must be for another model altogether. The worst part is the glue. The bonds between many of the parts are tenuous to begin with and only further weaken as the model slowly progresses. And do we really even have to mention what glue can do to the tiny clear plastic windshields in these kits?

It may shock some readers to learn that there are several places on the average car or truck that are held together by adhesives. This little nugget of information may be a bit unsettling when you first discover it; however, once you know all of the facts, you'll realize just how effective (and safe) this method of attachment can be. So, different forms of automotive glue work well for specific areas of a vehicle, but what about assembling an entire car with this sticky stuff?

That's what we wanted to find out when we asked: Is it possible to assemble a car with glue?

Innovation is what keeps the automotive industry exciting. And that's exactly why the item that comes in at number 7 is on our list. Read the next page to find out why a simple tailpipe made the grade.