10 Concept Car Success Stories: The Ones that Made it to the Production Line

Chevy Camaro

In the new muscle car wars, the Blue Oval Boys -- Ford Motor Co. -- shot first. And they made a killing with their retro-inspired Mustang, released in 2005.

Around the same time, crosstown rival General Motors was undergoing its own design renaissance, of sorts. Seeking to claw back market share that had been gobbled by more adventurously designed imports, GM was fielding a bevy of status quo-disrupting vehicles. The jewel in its crown was a revived Camaro. After four generations of Camaro since 1966, GM pulled the plug on the model in 2002.

The "new" Camaro would be bold, powerful, nostalgic and yet futuristic at the same time. The concept met to rave reviews in 2006, and despite the narrow market for sports cars, GM quickly confirmed that it was intended for production. The model went on sale in 2009 and famously appears as the Autobot "Bumblebee" in the Transformers movies.

So far we've covered lots of cars from the modern era, but even in the days of wilder, more preposterous concept cars, some actually did get built. Find out about one such instance, and icon, on the next page.

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